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The GEOSTRING in place inclinometer system is a string of vertical closely spaced MEMS sensors nodes. Very easy to install, the string is ideal for real time continuous and unattended monitoring of lateral displacement of soil, rock and structures.

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SMARTEC is proud to contribute to the new ReMAP European Project, paving the way to a big step forward in European aviation maintenance.

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50 attendees participated in Ampere’s conference and technical demonstrations on Fiber Optic Instrumentation & Pressuremeters

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For a limited time only, Smartec is pleased to offer you a special discount on Fiber Optic Sensor kits and Refurbished DiTest Reading Units.
These kits are very popular among University and Research labs: this offer is available until the end of 2018

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Image New, Compact & Cost Effective Vibrating Wire Datalogger

The new RT-VLOG is a highly accurate, robust, compact and cost-effective Vibrating Wire Datalogger to monitor multilevel piezometers, load cells and multipoint extensometers.

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Image Introducing SOFO Lite

Introducing SOFO Lite

Today we are introducing our latest innovation in SOFO readout units: SOFO Lite.

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