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Case Studies

Image UCLA / Caltrans

UCLA / Caltrans

The CIDH shaft-column was designed according to standard Caltrans’ Bridge Design Specifications (1995) using the Seismic Design Criteria (1999).

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Image Randa Rockslide

Randa Rockslide

Randa Rockslide – In 1991 about 30 million cubic meters of rocks fell from a rock face near the village of Randa (10 km north of Zermatt).

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Image Onnens Motorway A5

Onnens Motorway A5

At the Onnens Motorway A5, the cross-section of the tunnel consists of two concrete vaults. The length of the tunnel is 1230 m.

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Image Lee Raw Water Tunnel

Lee Raw Water Tunnel

Structural monitoring of few section in the Lee Raw water tunnel in London.

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Champ Baly

The construction of the Champ Baly cut-and-cover tunnel served as a pilot project for the application of High Performance Concrete in Switzerland.

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Image Alptransit Buttresses

Alptransit Buttresses

To optimise the support and confining structures in this area, SMARTEC SA was asked to install SOFO sensors to monitor the buttresses at the tunnel entrance and the concrete lining inside the tunnel.

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Image Auxiliary Tunnel at BBT project

Monitor the convergence and generally the structural behavior in one specific section of the tunnel where there are border conditions changes.

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The utility of the instrumentation is to detect any cracking in the second concrete layer of the tube and monitor tunnel deformations during power plant service (when water is flowing through the tunnels).

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Image High speed railways tunnel in Barcelona

The main aim of the monitoring in this project is to provide a distributed system able to increase knowledge on the structural behaviors.

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