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Case Studies

Image Rio Puerco Bridge

Rio Puerco Bridge

Rio Puerco bridge is situated on national highway 40, near Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Image Krk Bridge

Krk Bridge

During more than 20 years of service the Krk bridge was exposed to strong wind (called bura) which raised the salt water and spread it all over the bridge substructure

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Schladming Bridge

Two thirds of the 142m long concrete slab are resting on existing ground whilst the remaining third cantilevers out

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Image Arsta Bridge

Arsta Bridge

The Arsta railway Bridge is the new double-track Arsta railway bridge

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Image Bolshoi Moskvoretskiy Bridge

The Bolshoi Moskvoretskiy Bridge consists of three parallel 100m long reinforced concrete arch hidden behind stonewalls

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Image New Mexico I10 Bridge

New Mexico I10 Bridge

The New Mexico I10 Bridge consists of five spans, and each span of six lines of pre-fabricated pre-stressed squeezed girders, with a cast-on-site superstructure.

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Image Pont Adolphe Bridge

Pont Adolphe Bridge

In order to prevent significant damaging of the Pont Adolphe bridge, perpendicular post-tensioning cables were installed

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Image Bridge in Macau

Bridge in Macau

Bridge in Macau – Long-term structural integrity monitoring, dynamic responses under heavy traffic and strong wind, dynamic load test.

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Image Dynamic test on railway viaduct

Dynamic test on railway viaduct with the aim of monitoring the constructive typologies and their details subject to fatigue loading.

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Image Luzern Bridge

Luzern Bridge

The Luzern Bridge is a good example of innovative structural engineering using composite design.

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Image Malkia Bridge

Malkia Bridge

The Malkia Bridge B crosses the Saimaa canal in Lappeenranta

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Image Bern Tangential Highway

Bern Tangential Highway

The total renovation & transformation of the Bern tangential highway between the branch Wankdorf and Forsthhaus, to the connection Bern-Bümpliz was implemented according to philosophy UPlaNS of the Federal Office for Roads Authority as a key project.

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