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Case Studies

Image CERN-LHC Dipoles

CERN-LHC Dipoles

The LHC will consist of two colliding synchrotrons installed in the 27 km tunnel previously used by the LEP accelerator. They will be filled with protons and two superconducting magnetic channels will accelerate them.

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SmartPipe Project

The SmartPipe® concept centers on a monitorable pipe liner that is a composite of various thermoplastic materials in monolithic and fibrous form.

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Image Pra-Oil Leakage Detection

Pra-Oil Leakage Detection

The main aim for the Pra-Oil Leakage detection test was to demonstrate the feasibility relative easy integration of this kind of innovative leakage detection system based on distributed fiber optic technology

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Image Esperanza Project Pipeline Leakage Detection

The Esperanza project, located in the Antofagasta Region of northern Chile, involves the mining and processing of ore to produce concentrate containing copper, gold, silver and molybdenum

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Image Pipeline Strain Monitoring in the Swiss Alps

The Transitgas pipeline is 292 km long, and transports natural gas mostly from the Netherlands and from Norway to Italy

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Image Ferrera-Bertonico Oil Pipeline

Ferrera-Bertonico oil pipeline leakage detection system capable of monitoring the temperature profile along a section of the oil pipeline.

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Image SNAM Rete Gas – Gas pipeline monitoring

SNAM Rete Gas pipeline monitoring, The progress of a landslide over time can damage pipelines and put them out of service.

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Lutrive Bridges

Smartec SOFO sensors were installed inside the box girder on the Lutrive bridges to monitor the curvature variations of one bridge span.

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Image Versoix Bridge

Versoix Bridge

To monitor the behavior of the bridge during the works and in the long term, it was decided to instrument it with more than 100 sensors

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Image Colle d’Isarco Viaduct

Colle d’Isarco Viaduct

The project of the Colle d’Isarco viaduct on the Italian Brenner-Highway A22, near the Austrian border, is an example of a global monitoring approach in establishing a bridge management system

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Image Lehrter Bahnhof Berlin

Lehrter Bahnhof Berlin

The new Lehrter Bahnhof in the heart of Berlin – near the Reichstag – is being constructed as one of the largest stations in Europe with a very futuristic design

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