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Case Studies

Image Seok-Ga Pagoda

Seok-Ga Pagoda

Seok-Ga Pagoda in built in VIII century in the court of the Bulkook (Bulguksa) temple, Kyung-Ju, Korea. The three-story pagoda is admired for its proportions and simple but graceful style.

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Image Riga Dome Monitoring

Riga Dome Monitoring

During 2005 and 2006 the Riga Dome Monitoring project began for restoration promoted by the Riga Technical University

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Image Villa Reale Monza

Villa Reale Monza

The main structural walls of the Villa Reale Monza are exposed to movement caused by renovation works such as vibrations, yielding and cracking

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Image Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

To monitor cracks and check the structural condition of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts building.

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MAEVA Mockup

The MAEVA Mockup project consists of the testing of a 1/2 scale model of the concrete confinement wall of a nuclear power plant.

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Image Hyundai Building Seoul

Hyundai Building Seoul

Monitor abnormal strain deformations and vertical displacement of the truss beam’s center of the Hyundai Building Seoul during the lift-up operation and over the long term during service.

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Image Pressure Pipe Testing

Pressure Pipe Testing

In order to test the feasibility of the Pressure Pipe Testing method, the tests were performed on a different pipe specimen in a laboratory and on-site

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Palace in Angola

To monitor the cracks and settlement over the frontal façade at the Palace in Angola.

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Image Halifax Metro Centre

Halifax Metro Centre

The main aim of the project was to measure and monitor in quasi real-time the deflection of the roof’s structure caused by extraordinary events such as heavy snowfalls, and events happening inside the arena

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Image Concrete Setting Evaluation

Concrete Setting Evaluation

In order to develop the method for Concrete setting evaluation, different types of concrete specimens were tested using Standard SOFO sensor, Concrete Setting SOFO Sensor and for a purpose developed slim sensor

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Tensegrity Structure

SOFO sensors from Smartec were installed on all elements (tubes and ropes) of the Tensegrity structure to monitor their deformations when the structures were pre-stressed and under load applied at different locations

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EU-ZEM Project

The EU-ZEM project addresses the development of a monitoring system to verify the integrity of composite high pressure tanks for natural gas or hydrogen

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