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Case Studies

Image Luzzone Chamber

Luzzone Chamber

The tunnel is used as compensation chamber for the Luzzone hydropower plant. Due the dam raising it was necessary to enlarge this chamber.

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Image Gota Bridge Monitoring

Gota Bridge Monitoring

Götaälvbron, the bridge over Göta River, was built in the thirties and it is more than seventy years old

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Mt Terri

In the framework of an international project, a new tunnel was excavated to study the behavior of clay formations. The new tunnel is parallel to an existing one at a distance of 30 m.

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Image Annunciation Cathedral Kremlin

The Annunciation Cathedral in Kremlin was built in 1484-1489. Inner walls are covered by the unique frescoes of the 16th century. The Cathedral is famous for its icons painted by world-renowned Russian masters like Andrej Rublev and his pupils.

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Image Soumagne Tunnel

Soumagne Tunnel

The major project of the Belgian rail way at the beginning of 21 century is the construction of a new high-speed railroad from Brussels via Liege and Aachen to Cologne.

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Image Berlin Brine Pipeline

Berlin Brine Pipeline

In order to cover the entire length of the pipeline, it was decided to use two DiTeSt analyzers even though one instrument would have been theoretically able to cover the whole distance.

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Image Piazza Pinocchio

Piazza Pinocchio

The “Piazza Pinocchio” has been built together with other exposition buildings on one big artificial peninsula. The belly of the whale holds the exposition dedicated to robotic and the rest of the village has been developed on two floors with steel.

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Image Building Concrete Columns

Building Concrete Columns

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city-state often described as the gateway to Asia

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Image Watch Production Center

Watch Production Center

The watch production center project aimed to monitor the load on the circular internal slurry wall; sensors were placed tangentially on the rebar cage before the concrete pouring.

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Image Wankdorf Stadium

Wankdorf Stadium

Deformations during concrete setting at Wankdorf Stadium monitoring of the early age shrinkage Temperature during and after the concrete setting Shrinkage deformations Long-term evaluation of deformations

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Image Duxton Link Bridge

Duxton Link Bridge

Seven tower blocks are connected at 27th and 50th level by link bridges. Each bridge comprises 2 Warren and 2 Vierendeel trusses which are supported by the four ends columns in each block

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Image Cason del Buen Retiro

Cason del Buen Retiro

Cason del Buen Retiro is an ancient building dated XVII century located in the center of Madrid (Spain). It was rebuilt in XIX century. The building is now part of the Prado Museum and it is used as an exhibition museum for temporary expositions. Due

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