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Case Studies

Image Emosson Dam

Emosson Dam

The Emosson Dam is situated in the Swiss Alps, near the French border, 1930 meters above sea level, near the Swiss town of Martigny. The aim of the project was to develop a new, long sensor.

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Image Ethiopia pier in Genoa

Ethiopia pier in Genoa

With a length of approx. 400m and a draft of 9m, the Ethiopia pier is one of the more important pier in Genoa.

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Image Skyline Skyscraper in Cosenza

More than 100 SOFO sensors were imbedded inside the columns that form the “skeleton” of the whole construction. To know the evolution and magnitude of the tensions inside the columns is very important because the resulting data are given information.

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Image Manhattan Bridge Monitoring

Manhattan Bridge Monitoring

In the framework of a program on suspension bridge corrosion monitoring, it is desired to acquire continuous data on the strain, deformation and temperatures of the main cable and anchorage of the bridge.

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