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Case Studies

Image Cuyperstrap construction monitoring at Amsterdam Central Station, Netherlands

Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, Max Bögl Nederland is building the Cuyperstrap in the monumental station building of Amsterdam Central, as part of ‘project De Entree’; Cuyperstrap will enable a dry transfer from train to metro station.

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Image Riga Dome Cathedral, Latvia

Riga Dome Cathedral, Latvia

A structural monitoring system was installed in 2007 by Riga Technical University; at that time 21 SOFO long base deformation sensors and a measurement system for automatic crack monitoring were implemented. The monitoring system was upgraded in 2019

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Image Crack detection test in a concrete beam by distributed strain sensing cables

Smartec in collaboration with Politecnico of Turin has pervormed a series of crack detection tests in concrete beams using different types of distriuted optical fiber cables.

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Image Penstock Perebella-Rosone in Italy

The two parallel outdoor penstocks of Perebella – Rosone are located near the “Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso” in Piemonte, Italy.

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Image San Salvatore Tunnel Monitoring (Switzerland)

A portion of the concrete lining of the SAN SALVATORE tunnel collapse in June 2017 due to water accumulation. It was decided to install distributed fiber optic sensors onto the tunnel liner for a continuous and automatic monitoring of the tunnel.

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The Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados Oil Pipeline (OCP) with its 485km in length and total capacity of 190,000b/d of crude oil runs from the Oriente Region oil fields to the Balao Oil Terminal in Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

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Image 3 Dams on an Island

3 Dams on an Island

Smartec provided a turn-key service of Structural Health Monitoring SHM for three of the six dams on Jersey Island: Val de La Mare, Handois and Grand Vaux.

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Image Luda Yana Dam, Bulgaria

Luda Yana Dam, Bulgaria

Luda Yana Dam and Water Treatment Plant are under construction near Panagyurishte town in Southern Bulgaria. The scope of this work is to provide water to the 45 000 people living in that region.

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