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Research Structural Health Assesment Systems

We believe in the importance of maintaining close contact with the scientific community active within its areas of expertise, in particular smart structures, structural engineering, sensing and fiber-optic sensors. These contacts allow us to remain at the forefront of scientific progress and to contribute to the expansion of the monitoring culture world-wide.

Our research and development team actively contributes to the research community, attending conferences and regularly publishing papers in scientific literature.

Our products are widely used in academic and industry research. Our state-of-the-art fiber-optic sensors provide new measurement and monitoring capabilities, consistently opening new research avenues.

Benefits of our Research Program on Structural Health Assessment Solutions

  1. Integrated solutions Provide structural health monitoring solutions for dams and dikes using advanced fiber-optic technologies and vibrating wire sensors.
  2. Optimized operations and maintenance Provide important data on the structural behavior of a reservoir, a dam’s body, or a foundation to ensure safety.
  3. Preservation of water, the safety of people, and nature Run real-time or continuous monitoring.
  4. Impact assessment of extraordinary natural events Provide details on the impact of events such as earthquakes or excessive rainfall to minimize risk.
  5. Regulation compliance Develop technologies that meet current and future standards for dams and dikes.

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