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Smartec SA was founded in 1996, as a result of the development of our SOFO monitoring system at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne (EPFL) which received awards for innovation at the time.  Today, Smartec is a leading supplier of fiber-optic technology used by the worldwide structural, geotechnical, energy, and oil and gas industries.  We employ dedicated individuals who focus on providing our customers with the best solution to their technical challenges.

The quality of our products and the experience of our engineers at Smartec are reflected by the completion of more than 1200 successful monitoring projects, located in 30 countries on all continents.  Some notable projects include the Burj Kalifa Tower (the world’s tallest building), the Duxton Complex in Singapore, the New I35W bridge in Minneapolis, MN, the Manhattan Bridge in New York, NY, the Alp Transit tunnel in Switzerland (the world’s longest tunnel), the CERN-LHC particle accelerator (world’s largest particle accelerator) and the ITER fusion reactor.


SMARTEC Timeline

1996  SMARTEC founded as spin-off of EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)
1997  Introduced the SOFO (a French acronym for Surveillance d’Ouvrages par Fibres Optiques) system:  long-gauge fiber optic sensing
1998  SMARTEC awarded the CTI-Startup label (Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation) by Mr. Pascal Couchepin, Swiss Federal Counselor
1998  SMARTEC received the Technologiestandort Schweiz Prize for its innovative products.
2000  Introduced the  DiTeSt system : distributed strain and temperature monitoring system based on Brillouin scattering
2001  Began monitoring of the  Alptransit tunnel  in Switzerland (world’s longest tunnel)
2002  Began monitoring of the  Duxton Building  complex in Singapore
2003  Introduced  DiTemp system : distributed temperature monitoring system based on Raman scattering
2004  First  Ammonia leak detection system  installed in Italy
2005  Göta Bridge  in Sweden instrumented with distributed strain and crack monitoring system
2005  Burj Kalifa foundations monitoring in Dubai (world’s highest building)
2006  SMARTEC acquired by  Roctest
2008  Instrumented the  I35W Bridge  in Minneapolis
2009  First  tunnel  instrumented with distributed strain sensing in Spain
2010  Roctest acquired by  Nova Metrix
2010  Leak detection system commissioned for  154 km mining pipeline  in Chile
2010  Awarded contract for instrumenting  ITER  superconducting magnets
2011  10’000th SOFO sensor delivered to customers
2013  Introduced  SOFO VII  reading unit able to measure SOFO and FBG sensors
2014  Introduced the  ATTS  (Automated Trip Testing System) for distributed sensing systems – patent pending and SIL 2 rating
2015  Temperature and seepage monitoring system delivered for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia (Africa’s largest power dam)
2016  SMARTEC Celebrating 20 years of innovation


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